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Jaipur Development Authority

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This document is supplemented by drawings and maps and has been prepared on the basis of various physical, socio-economic and civic surveys conducted form time to time for Master Development Plan Exercise. The data and information is collected from secondary sources and repeated investigation surveys.

It outlines a strategy for overall development of the area after identification and study of relevant determinants which have a bearing in the regional context. It indicates appropriate locations for physical growth, draws attention to key areas which have major role to play in shaping up the future development scenario of the region, and aspects of development that are required to be tackled by various departments and agencies primarily responsible for action.

The Plan is expected to:
  • establish general proposals for the area
  • provide framework for detailed policies and proposals for local area
  • indicate action areas and priority areas and for intensive action
  • provide guidance for development controls
  • provide basis for coordinating decisions between various departments of Government, committees, boards of authority, local bodies, etc.
Any strategy for development should have a flexibility to respond and adjust to changing circumstances. This Plan therefore spells out the future course of determinants in the form of guidelines for development.

The Master Development Plan was prepared after considering objections and suggestions received and it was approved in the 29th Authority Meeting held on July 19, 1995. This was the first part of the Master Development Plan 2011 for Jaipur Region. The Land Use Plan of Jaipur Region (Urbanisable area), along with the Land Use Zoning Code shall form the second part of the Master Development Plan 2011 and has come into force on September 1,1998.
Part 2
The draft of Master Development Plan 2011 for Jaipur Region was approved by the Authority in its 29th meeting held on July 19, 1995. However, since the draft plan did not conceive of a Land Use Plan in its policy document, it was later decided to prepare a Land Use Plan also and only thereafter, the Master Development Plan could be treated as a complete document for Gazette Notification. Thus, the exercise of preparing a Land Use Plan was completed and the same was notified for inviting public objections and suggestions. Altogether, 70 objections/ suggestions were received and considered by the Authority in its meeting held on July 25, 1997.

On the suggestions received from Jaipur Nagar Nigam and other public representatives regarding the matter of regularisation of some of the developments taken place along main roads and other areas, the Authority desired to take a general view on these developments before finalising the Land Use Plan.

After duly considering all the objections and suggestions and further advice of the Authority, the Land Use Plan 2011 was finalised and placed before the Authority in its 39th meeting held on August 25, 1998 for consideration and approval.

One of the major reasons of large scale violations in 1991 Master Plan was that the land needed for development could not be acquired in time and thus new residential and other schemes could not be developed by the then UIT or JDA. The Agricultural Land Conversion Rules facilitated the housing cooperative societies to sub-divide agricultural lands into plots. This way Cooperative Society Schemes came up all around the city in a big way and violated the Land Use provisions of the Master Plan. These residential schemes have now become a fate accomplice. Rules have been suitably amended by the Government to regularise these schemes by organising special camps. Necessary action is being taken by Jaipur Development Authority in this regard.

However, the new Master Plan is proposed to be implemented in its letter and spirit. Genuine private developers will be encouraged to undertake development activities of residential and other schemes. Regulations in this regard are being suitably amended.

Along with the Land Use Plan, a Land Use Zoning Code has also been prescribed. This will facilitate easy interpretation and disposal of day-to-day references received on Land Use matters. From now on, there will be limited Government referencing with regard to change in Land use and therefore, such cases can be disposed of expeditiously.

The Master Development Plan/Land Use Plan has been prepared for the horizon year 2011. However, if due to unforeseen reasons, full development is not achieved or otherwise, the period can be extended for a specified duration without going for a fresh Master Plan if the Authority desires.

By preparing the New Master Plan for Jaipur, the Jaipur Development Authority has formalised its statutory task. But in the interest of planned development of the city, it has to be the endeavour of everybody to cooperate and ensure that the Master Plan gets implemented properly. The task should not be left to JDA alone.